Al Jamiatul Ahmadia

Al-Jamiatul Ahmadia is located in the historical city of Uttar Pradesh, Kannauj. It came into existence on 14th Ramadhan 1405 A.H. 23rd May 1985 with the efforts of Mufti Afaque Ahmad Mojaddidi. The institute which started in a very small plot, by the grace of ALLAH ta’ala, it is spread over more than 15 acre land with different kinds of buildings in very less span of time. You can visit and see it all, furthermore, Jamia’s branches spreads over the different states and cities of India, serve for spreading and preaching the teachings of Islam and Sunnah. And the scholars graduated (Pass out Scholars) from this Jamia are promptly preaching the right faith and path (Ahlus-Sunnah-The Right Faith), among the mankind, in different states of India like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Rajsthan, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Punjab and J&K etc.

The Founder:
The founder and the head of the institute is Shekh Mufti Afaque Ahmad Mujaddidi sahab qibla. He is Siddiqui by pedigree, Hanafi by doctrine and Naqshbandi by sect.
He was born on 1959 AD at Bharonsa, a village in Farrukhabad Uttar Pradesh. He got his primary education from a Maktab (an Islamic Primary school) of his village and that of a town Jarrari.
He studied Arabic, Persian, Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Hadith in Budaun and did his graduation and post graduation (Alimiyat and Fazilat) from Jame Ashraf, Kichhauchha and was appointed as teacher in the Jamia after completion of Fazilat.

After enlightening and teaching there for one year, he went to Madrasa Gulshan-e-Raza, Chhapiya, Gorakhpur on the order of his Murshid. He made efforts continuously for three years for the progress of this institute. He selected the city of Kannauj for his long term services after resigning that Madrasa and founded Al-Jamiatul Ahmadia. He faced huge difficulties during those periods, for describing those difficulties, a separate book is needed. Anyhow the institute which was started in a small plot has become a great institution now with his efforts.

He became Murid/Follower of his highness Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan of Banaras. He spent few years with him and learnt and completed steps/seats of Sulook (the path of Sufism) of Mujaddidia chain and got the permission and khilafah of all famous chains of Tariqat. He also got the khilafah and permissions in all chains of tariqat practicing in the Barkaatian family from his highness Hazrat Syed Najeeb Haider sahib Qibla. Indeed His essence full personality is a speaking mirror of proneness, punctuality, purity, science and faith.

All praise to Allah the Almighty, Presently thousands of people are following him and being blessed with the shower of all four chains of Tariqat, especially Naqshbandia Mujaddidia. Hundreds of people are learning formal Tasawwuf, spirituality, cleaning of heart, purification of soul from him as well, in this materialistic scenario.

Along with advancement of religious education and teachings, he also established “Farogh-e-Tasawwuf Foundation” and “Khanqah-e-Mujaddidia” (Hermilage of Mujaddidia) under management of “Tasawwuf Movement” for the promotion of Tasawwuf and spirituality. The scientific and practical education and training of Tasawwuf is running under this movement. Allah the Almighty has blessed him with complete expertise of Islamic educational arts, Tasawwuf and spirituality that very few people are blessed with such qualities and very difficult to find in the era of materialism.

In the era of technology and materialistic world, In spite of very hectic schedule of teaching Hadith, Tafseer, Islamic judiciary, Tasawwuf, spirituality, remembering of Allah and meditation, he also travels a lot for preaching and also finalizing compilation and authoring work.