Departmental Details of Jamia

Darul Ifta:
Old and new Islamic Judicious issues are solved in this department.

This department is for specialization in:
Tafseer (Commentary on the Holy Qur’an)
Islamic Judiciary
Arabic language and literature
Or any Islamic arts and science

This department is specific for Islamic education from primary to Post Graduation (Fazilat).

4-Dar-ul-Hifz Wal Qira’at:
In this department Holy Qur’an is learnt by heart with consideration of Arabic phonetics. Alongwith it, education of Qira’at-e-Hafs, Sab’a and Ashra (Seven and Ten school of Qur’anic phonetics) is given to the learner.

5-Rauzatul Atfal (Children’s Garden)
This portion is dedicated for primary religious of children.

6-Jamiatul Muhsenat:
This is residential centre for religious and contemporary education of girls. In it education from Edadia to Fazilat (Primary to PG) is given. Along with it, they are taught Arabic, English language and literature, Mathematics, Home science and handicraft as well.
All praise to almighty Allah. In spite of local girls, there are almost 500 outsider girls in this institute. The Jamia manages their fooding, lodging and security. One feature of this institute is that its students and graduates preach Islam in the nearby localities and cities and participated in religious assemblies and conferences. They encourage ladies and provoke them to get education and practice according to it.

7-Kullia Dawah Wal Irshad: (Department of Tasawwuf)
The department performs following works:
Teachings and etiquettes of Tasawwuf are delivered, remembering and practices of different chains are introduced and the institute provides practical training for achieving spirituality and Tariqat. Mureeds (Followers) are trained to identify real guide (Sheikh) and his duties.
Important books of Tasawwuf are translated, explained and researches against the science of Tasawwuf.
Guidance for those who are indulged in misconceptions towards Tasawwuf and criticizing and disrespecting Sufism/ sufies.

8-Dar-ut-Tasneef: (Department of Composition and Compilation)
Training of composition, competition and translation is conducted in the light of their principles. 
9- Department of Preaching:  The department acts the following works: 
The students are taught principles of Preaching and for practical exercise, they are sent to the nearby villages and cities in group.
Quality imams and teachers are provided to the mosques and Madrasas where and whenever they are required.
Those areas are focused less compare to Non Muslim and mosques and Madrasas are not available. Islamic dogmas and practices are taught to the people of those places in different ways.
Mosques are built in the aforesaid places according to the requirement.
Islamic dogmas and practices are taught to the students of college and schools. And they are motivated to preach Islamic teachings as well.
Islamic books in Urdu and Hindi are gifted to the educated people. 
The department focuses/cares where there are dangers for Islam and Sunniyat.
Establishment of new branches of Jamia in different places as per the requirement. 
Teaching and training the children (boys/ girls both) of the areas that don’t have Hafiz and Alim, in Jamia or branches of Jamia. 

10-Tanzeem Ahlus Sunnah: (Ahle Sunnat Organizations) 
The objectives of department are following: 
To unite scholars and spiritual leaders of Ahlus Sunnah.
To sensitize about the importance of preaching and encourage/motivate to preach.
These departments are very much related to Islamic sciences, preaching of Islam, Islamic culture and unity among Ahlus Sunnah.

11-Dayeratul Khairat:
This is the department of publication of Jamia. Articles, essays, compositions, compilations, translation and explanation/guides written by students and teachers of Jamia are published in this department. Mojaddidia Book Depot is attached to it which provides books of other authors.
12- Imamat Training Centre: 
The students of Al Jamiatul Ahmadia as well as others are trained to be good/quality Imams, teachers and good preachers. They learn how to teach Qur’an with correct pronunciation, tell necessary dogmas and issues.
13-Al-Waris Islamic Research Centre: 
This is the centre for conducting research on Islamic arts and sciences, different religion, language , literature and great personalities, for scholars of Madrasas and universities.
14-Al-Masoom Computer Centre:
Students learn basic computer education, typing in Urdu, Hindi and English, designing and Tally.
15-Waris Public School: (English Medium High School)
The school imparts knowledge from nursery to high school with Islamic education. The goal is that the students have Islamic culture, religious understanding, and motivation to preach in english and a good command over Urdu till high school. All praise to Almighty Allah. The school is on the path of success.
16-Mesco Public School: (English Medium School)
It is a branch of Hyderabad based Mesco school. There are classes from play group to primary. It is a unique in its nature because students became able to read and translate the Holy Qur’an into English and Arabic till they reach class 8.
Religious education is compulsory along with contemporary education.
17- Boarding:
Mesco Public School has an affordable hostel where candidates live with minimal charge and 50 poor students are also staying free of cost without paying charge.

The ways to Help Jamia

You can help Jamia in the following ways:
Build a department or a room in Jamia.
Donate books to Jamia library.
Publish any book.
Pay monthly salary of any teacher from your pocket.
Pay the charges of flooding any or more than one student or be guardian of any orphan child.
Purchase groceries used in mess for specific period.
Donate mats for classrooms or beds for students’ hostel.
Jamia has planned under following points for the welfare of community and nation:
Engineering College:
An establishment of an engineering college will uplift and develop the Muslim community with religious understanding.
Ahmadia Girls Coaching Centre:
It will be a centre of religious education and training for the girls studying in schools and colleges.
Mojaddid-e-Alf-e-Sani Girls University:
The draft/map has been completed and Foundation stone will be laid down very soon Insha Allah. The university will be unique in education and Islamic culture.
Abbas Boys University:
Based on Islamic culture and civilization, the university will be for boys. The draft has been completed.
Ahmadia Degree College:
It will be a centre for higher education in which the students will learn Islamic dogmas, practices religious issues, Arabic language and literature along with contemporary education.

Marriage of the Poor
One important project of Jamia is to get the poor girls married and this project continued since 2010. The process is done every year and numerous poor families have been benefited from this project.